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Fahrenheit's 25-Point Furnace Inspection Includes:

1. Inspect Thermostat and battery

Validate that the furnace runs and reflects your thermostat’s settings.

2. Inspect Flue and Diverter

Validate safe operation. Flue pipe that are corroded and leak are dangerous

3. Clean Pilot Assembly

Bugs, especially spiders like to build nest inside pilot tubing. Clearing it will ensure furnace is operating correctly

4. Adjust Pilot Flame

If pilot flame is not correctly adjusted unit will exhibit erratic behavior

5. Check Thermocouple

Another safety device that prevent shuts of unit and should operate at a certain parameter

6. Clean burners

Dirty burners prevent gas from being burned properly and efficiency 

7. Adjust burners

Increase efficiency and fuel saving

8. Check manifold gas pressure

Unit operating and the wrong gas pressure will end up costing you more money and efficiency of furnace will drop.

9. Check gas valve operation

Provides safety and ensures gas valve will only operate when a signal is called for.

10. Test for Gas leaks

Safety check for all gas connections

11. Measure Air Flow

Test the velocity of the air as it moves throughout the home’s ducts and ventilation system.

12. Test Static Pressure

Ensure duct system is seal, not restricted and no loose connections

13. Inspects Furnace Electrical Wiring

Inspect the electrical wiring of the heater to make sure there isn’t faulty wiring issues.

14. Check Combustion Chamber

Ensure safety and saves money on fuel bill

15. Inspect Heat Exchanger

Safety check for possibility of creating carbon monoxide

16. Check Safety Controls

Ensures all safeties are properly working to ensure unit is operating safely

17. Check for Combustible Materials Around Heating Unit

Keeps unit in safe operating condition

18. Test Starting Components

Test of all the starting components to make sure that they fire in its order of operation.

19. Inspect Blower Motor

Ensures blower motor is operating efficiently electrically and mechanically

20. Check Blower Motor Capacitor and Rating

Make sure capacitor is operating to manufacturers specifications

21. Check Ignition Controls

Test Ignition components and ensures it meets sequence of operation 

22. Check Temperature Rise for Unit

Ensures unit is operating within its heat range

23. Check Drain Pan and Drain Line

Confirms drain line is clear and drain pan has no leak

24. Test Operating Efficiency

Calculation of operating efficiency, including its rate of operation.

25. Safety Inspection

Examine the entire unit and check for any safety issues that could be dangerous or costly down the road.