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Fahrenheit's 25 Point AC Tune Up Includes:

1. Inspect Thermostat and battery

Validate that the air conditioning runs and reflects your thermostat’s settings.

2. Check the Plenum

Check the HVAC unit’s plenum to ensure no air leaks and then replace any parts if needed.

3. Wash Condenser Coil

Wash down condenser coil to ensure proper airflow through coil

4. Examine Air Ducts

Inspect the HVAC ducts to check for any damage, obstructions, and unwanted debris inside the delivery system

5. Check Air Ducts for Leaks

Make sure that there aren’t any costly leaks in the air duct system that need to be fixed by testing for static pressure

6. Inspect Condensation Drain Pan

Inspect the condensation pan’s water levels and ensure there isn’t pooling or leaking.

7. Examine Condensation Drain

Inspect the air conditioner’s condensate drain to ensure there are no clogs and it drains right.

8. Test and Inspect Blower Motor

Inspect the operation of the blower motor to ensure it runs and properly and efficiently.

9. Test and examine Blower Motor Run Capacitor

Inspect the electrical charge and running capability of the blower motor run capacitor.

10. Examine Blower Wheel

Check the blower motor wheel to make sure that belts move freely, aren’t damaged and free of debris.

11. Measure A/C Air Flow

Test the velocity of the air as it moves throughout the home’s ducts and ventilation system.

12. Test Static Pressure

Ensure duct system is seal, not restricted and no loose connections

13. Inspects Electrical Wiring

Inspect the electrical wiring of the air conditioner to make sure there isn’t faulty wiring issues.

14. Test Operation

Make sure that the unit runs as expected through a variety of testing procedures

15. Check Condition of Compressor Contactor

Examine the air conditioner’s compressor contactor and its connections for any issues.

16. Test Relays

Test of the air conditioning unit’s relay switches to verify they work properly.

17. Check Compressor Run Capacitors

Check of the A/C’s run capacitor for proper ratings and for any safety issues while in operation.

18. Test Starting Components

Test of all the starting components to make sure that they fire in its order of operation.

19. Test Refrigerant Pressures

Inspect the refrigerant’s suction pipe for proper pressure of the air conditioning refrigeration system.

20. Test Subcool/Superheat

Make sure refrigeration system is extracting the proper amount of heat from home

21. Test Condenser Motor Operation

Test the air conditioning condenser motor for appropriate speeds and voltage.

22. Test Condenser Motor Capacitor

Test capacitor for proper rating and amperage.

23. Inspect Copper Tube & Panel Insulation

Examine air conditioning tubes and panels to make sure they are insulated correctly.

24. Test Operating Efficiency

Calculation of operating efficiency, including its rate of operation.

25. Safety Inspection

Examine the entire unit and check for any safety issues that could be dangerous or costly down the road.